The way we
think about
our careers is changing

Covid-19 has transformed the way we feel about work. The pendulum has swung fast and hard in both directions. During the first lockdown, jobs and income were thrown into jeopardy. Two years later, many countries’ job vacancies are at an all time high.

IN 2022

We’re now seeing the full effect of The Great Resignation; the phenomenon of workers quitting their jobs in search of something more.

What role should work have in employees’ lives?

It might be an unusual question, but does a reduced level of importance placed on career necessarily mean a decrease in performance at work? Could a more balanced approach to personal and professional life actually lead to better productivity, ideas and output?

There are also positive sentiments around our workplaces

This could suggest that while awareness around the employee experience is improving, many are still questioning the role work plays in their lives. They could be looking to move industries or try a different kind of working model.


“ more kind and supportive, offer positive feedback as well as negative. [Show] understanding towards how busy we are and say thanks.”


Money is a source of stress for most employees

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