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Factsheet: Australian SMEs weigh in on the upcoming 2022 budget and election

Published 28 Mar 2022
2 min read
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What’s in the factsheet?

With the Australian federal budget announcement and election fast approaching, we wanted to give a voice to the small and medium-sized business community of Australia. Employment Hero surveyed more than 500+ SME business owners and leaders about what they wanted to see from the federal budget announcement and their thoughts on the upcoming federal election. 

This factsheet aims to provide an overview of these findings – without bias – to help inform the Australian SME business community, government policymakers and heads of industry. 

We asked questions surrounding many areas including: 

  • The top areas of concern for their business coming into the federal budget announcement
  • How the current federal government has helped the SME community during its most recent term
  • What the government could do more of to help their business
  • What changes to GST they would like to see in the upcoming federal budget
  • Which party they believe is better for different areas of small businesses
  • Who they think will win the election

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