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Add value to your platform with payroll technology integration.

Add an end-to-end cloud payroll solution to your SaaS offering, without the need for extensive time or cost investment.

Custom-branded solution

Provide a truly end-to-end payroll solution and improve customer experience with your brand on the payroll integration.
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Increase app stickiness

Streamline payroll processes for your customers and improve customer retention, without having to build your own payroll software. Our cloud software is constantly enhanced with legislation updates and value-add features.

Expand globally

Seize opportunities to expand your SaaS business globally. Available in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK, our global offering streamlines payroll across multiple countries.

How does the technology integration work?

1. Your developers build the integration using our API documentation
2. You provide customer support
3. We support you by providing partner support surrounding high-level queries

Why build your own payroll solution when you can integrate with us?

Open API

Our open API is easy to work with. We’re here to help and support you through the integration process. Browse some of our integration partners.

Improve customer experience

If your customers are still importing Excel spreadsheets into their payroll system from your app, the user experience has to change. Create the most seamless and automated process with essential functionality such as comprehensive rostering and automated timesheets and pay runs.

Support with compliance

Australian payroll compliance is complex, with over 120 modern awards, Single Touch Payroll, and ever-evolving legislation and tax changes. By integrating with Australia’s best payroll software, you’ll gain trust from your customers.

Stay up to date

Enjoy product innovation, development, integrations, feature testing and payroll legislation updates. We keep our partners up to date with regular communications.

Here’s why our technology integration partners love us.

Partner dashboard

Provide a more tailored experience to each customer with features such as audit trails, restore deleted settings, extract insights into client activity and watch your business grow.

Branded payroll

Provide your customers with extra services cost-effectively, alongside the benefit of enhancing your brand.

Bureau dashboard

Provide customers with overall insights into how pay runs are processed, the state of those pay runs and make informed decisions.

Partner support

Get extensive product support articles, training videos, bite-sized webinars, and much more for your team and customers.

Hero Wallet Support

Why partner with us?

By becoming a part of the Employment Hero Partner Network, you can access:

    • Tiered pricing
    • Comprehensive support
      • Guided onboarding options
      • Support articles, product training videos, and webinars
      • Updates on the latest features
      • Technical support in design, build, testing, beta, maintenance and updates
    • Brand exposure to SMBs, with your listing in the partner directory
    • Ongoing value, in conjunction with your products and services, to increase lifetime value
    • Brand our software with your logo using our branded payroll solution
    • Co-marketing activities available for mutual exposure

You must be a software provider to join this program. Simply fill and submit the form located on the partner network page and we’ll be in touch. Make sure to select the ‘partner type’ you most align with, so our team can progress your application.

Integrate with cloud end-to-end payroll. Join the Employment Hero Partner Network today.

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