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Harcourts Coastal automates HR with Employment Hero

Published 2 Apr 2020
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Harcourts Coastal is an award-winning agency, delivering a world-class real estate experience to their customers for years. Their success should come as no surprise given their dedication and commitment to their clients and business manager, Katrina Mattig, knows how important the agency’s human resources are to their success.

“Environment is everything. Where and who you choose to work with will have a huge impact on your career and in turn, determine the service level your clients will receive.”


The team at Harcourts Coastal


Improving the employee experience of 125 employees across three different locations is no easy feat. Harcourts Coastal was relying heavily on manual processes to manage things like leave, contracts and onboarding and Katrina knew they could do better when it came to people management.

“We were basically managing annual leave. We knew how much they had, but we had no visibility or tracking. It was on an online system that wasn’t connected and it was all doubling up.

“Employment Hero has also changed our employment agreement process. Before, they were printed from Word, signed, scanned and sent back. They would go missing, be left in cars or on desks – things wouldn’t be correct”.



Employment Hero Streamlines HR and Improves Compliance

Harcourts Coastal launched Employment Hero in early 2018 and hasn’t looked back. HR software has streamlined their leave management and Katrina couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

“Moving to Employment Hero has enabled us to be more efficient with leave requests – that’s vastly changed for us. It’s a big team, so it’s made it a lot easier for us from a management perspective. It’s the number 1 feature for us.”

Like many businesses that make the switch from manual processes to HR software, the benefits kept rolling in. With leave management under control, Katrina found even more ways to be more efficient when it came to people management. Most notable, Employment Hero’s paperless HR system

“We know a paperless system is more efficient. We used to have policies and contracts in a filing cabinet and if we wanted to update a policy across the business, we needed everyone to come in and acknowledge it. Employees would then have to tick their name off the list to track who had seen it. In Employment Hero, it’s streamlined. 

Harcourts Coastal’s onboarding processes have also improved, but not just from a time management perspective – it’s also helping Katrina manage compliance.

“To be able to send offers and contracts using the software is great, and so is being notified when contracts are signed so we can start the onboarding process. The compliance is so much tighter than it ever has been before. We have registration, sales certificates all on file; Employment Hero keeps prompting new hires to upload their certifications, instead of making us the annoying hiring managers to bug them. The ability to set up tasks for each individual in the business relevant to their role is great too; we can see exactly where things are and what still needs to be done.”

paperless onboarding system

Using HRIS to Engage Employees

Being able to rely on Employment Hero to take care of the many basic human resources functions doesn’t just help Katrina be more effective in her role – it helps Harcourts Coastal’s employees be more efficient too.

“Our employees love it. They love all the visibility and being able to go in and manage it all themselves. Before, they would have to put in a request to discuss leave – now they can do it themselves. If they ever want to refer to their contract, they can just do that easily in Employment Hero. Hard copies are now so old school!”

The employee experience at Harcourts Coastal is still front of mind for Katrina and she’s grateful to Employment Hero for helping her reward and recognise the team.



Now Katrina and her team are on top of everything HR. The paperless systems save time on onboarding, and compliance has never been simpler. Harcourts Coastal can say goodbye to missing documents or forgotten paperwork and hello to efficient, easy HR, thanks to Employment Hero.


Bells Ringing?

If Katrina’s experiences resonate with your own, Employment Hero could be the solution to your problems. Speak with one of our specialists today and learn how automated HR and payroll software can help your business be more compliant, efficient and cost-effective.

Katrina Mattig
Business Manager - Harcourts Coastal
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