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Empower Constructions cuts induction time by 75%

Published 7 Apr 2019
3 min read

At a glance

Empower Constructions
Based in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, NSW
less than 20 Employees
Using Employment Hero Premium and Employment Hero Payroll
Explore this case study if:
  • You manage a large team in multiple locations
  • Your team relies on a number of clients with different policy requirements
  • You believe in supporting the mental wellbeing of your employees

In the past ten years, Empower Construction has become the largest independent specialist for external wall construction. With a portfolio boasting thousands of successful projects and a slew of awards up their sleeve, Empower Construction has built a dedicated team that is passionate about empowering others to achieve, as they simultaneously revolutionise the construction industry. 

The Empower Construction leadership strives for excellence and knows that their people are at the core of everything they do. When it came time for them to implement an HRIS, their employees were once again front and foremost and there were a number of features that needed to be optimised.


Siloed data making things difficult

Before implementing Employment Hero four years ago, many of the HR and payroll functions were siloed in different programs. Timesheets were managed through an online portal, with payroll and all other HR functions communicated mostly through email. Without a central system to host their data, payroll, payslips and leave management was becoming more and more difficult to manage and oversee.



Employment Hero builds new internal processes

Project Administrator, Fred Purcell, has seen these challenges from both sides of the fence; as a labourer on-site and as an HR administrator in the office. Fred was with Empower Constructions when Employment Hero was implemented in 2016. His role now includes managing the workplace health and safety practices, HR administration and project management. With so many different roles to play, Employment Hero has been a huge help in managing Empower’s team.

Better organisation key to increased visibility

“When Employment Hero came through, everything was more organised and we had more of a central place to go to for things,” says Fred. “The management of staff is a lot easier; not only their hours but also annual leave, sick leave and all the HR documentation and files we have to upload. It’s made it easier to upload personal details in terms of saving documents and docs to each file and client.”

Employees and managers alike see the positives

Employment Hero hasn’t just made things easier for Fred, but for the wider Empower Constructions team too. “It’s easier for the boys to access things. Policies are all on files so the guys can have it ready and accessible when on site. Every time we onboard a new staff member, they go through all the inductions of our clients. With Employment Hero, it’s really good to have that located in one place. Induction training used to take 1 to 2 days; now it takes 4 hours.”

Employee wellness

It’s clear to see that Fred cares deeply about his team. Mental health issues are sadly more prevalent in the construction industry than others and it was important that Fred’s colleagues knew they were supported at Empower Construction. Life Hero, a series of blogs surrounding physical, mental and financial wellness, is an excellent tool for organisations like Empower Constructions that want to ensure their team is supported both at work and at home. “I use Life Hero and share mental health articles. I’m big on that; if people need someone to speak to, they have someone to speak to.”

employment hero wellness

Employment Hero wellness screenshot


With Employment Hero, Empower Constructions has seen a massive reduction in the time it takes them to complete inductions. The platform has streamlined previously admin-heavy tasks including timesheets, annual and personal leave and policy management. With the time that Fred is able to save on HR administration, he can keep a closer eye on the mental wellbeing of his teammates and share supportive articles from Life Hero.

To learn more about how Employment Hero can take care of the admin of people management and give you the time to better manage your team, book a demo today and our team can show you how easy it is to put your employees first with Employment Hero.

Freddy Purcell
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