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Feature Release: e-Tax File Number Declaration

Reduce your paperwork and improve your compliance with the click of a button. Employment Hero has just launched with the Electronic Tax File Number Declaration (e-TFND) allowing businesses to directly lodge employee’s tax declarations electronically with the ATO.


How do I use the e-TFND?

To set up electronic tax file number declarations, click on *Payroll Settings > Tax Declaration* in the left hand side menu and complete the form:


You can then access a detailed report under *Reports > Compliance>Tax Report*:


Is it available for all Employment Hero Plans?

Yes! e-TFND is available on all plans (including free) and you can setup your employee’s tax declarations right now.


I’m already connected to a payroll system. Can I use e-TFND?

Yes. If your business is already connected to a payroll system, you can also use e-TFND through Employment Hero. But double check that you’re not already using it on your payroll system though as we highly recommend only using e-TFND on one platform.


Click here for more information on how to use e-TFND.

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