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10 Places For Your Next Team Building Activity in Sydney [2023]

This list will help you find the perfect activity for your next team building session.
Published 10 Feb 2023
Updated 10 Oct 2023
6min read
image of people on a team building activity

Every strong team needs good leadership, shared vision – and plenty of fun team building activities. Team building activities give your team a chance to bond, practise effective communication and build trust. There are so many options for team building activities, from sailing to indoor rock climbing or code breaking. If you’re in Sydney, this list will help you find the perfect activity for your next team bonding session.

What is team building and why is it important?

Team building refers to intentional efforts made to grow meaningful relationships between employees. Authentic relationships in the workplace are essential for several reasons.

Research shows that positive relationships increase employee satisfaction, and relationships are a key ingredient in high-performing teams. A sense of belonging increases productivity and ensures skills and knowledge are transferred between team members. Finally, workplace relationships are vital for employee wellbeing.

So, it’s clear that team building events are a worthwhile investment. Here are our top picks around Sydney.

10 places for team building activities in Sydney

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

team building at a climbing gym

Unit 4C/1-7 Unwins Bridge Road St Peters NSW.

Ideal for: Groups of 2-20. General level of fitness required.

Price: 2hr team building session available from $58pp.

Availability: Weekdays from 9am-3:00pm


Why you should try it: Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym can design a team building session suited to your team. Staff will give a full safety briefing and run you through a series of team building activities.

Challenge your team to push their limits and trust each other as they scale the walls. Plus, after the session your team can continue to enjoy the facility for free and test out their new skills.

The Cipher Room

cipher room

640 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042.

Ideal for: 2-16people. No prior skills necessary.

Price: $55pp.

Availability: Every day, 10am-10pm.


Why you should try it: The Cipher Room offers compelling breakout room games at two Sydney locations — Newtown and St Peters. The games are for 2-8 players but for corporate team building sessions, you can book two breakout rooms simultaneously.

An escape room is all about problem solving. Your team will need to work together to crack codes, solve puzzles and escape! This team building activity is suitable for everyone, getting the mind whirring and the heart pumping.

Sydney By Sail

image of a team sailing sydney

National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour.

Ideal for: Teams of 14-35 people. No prior skills necessary but a sense of adventure is a must! Also, make sure you check whether any team members are prone to seasickness before booking.

Price: From $200-$255pp.

Availability: Any day upon arrangement.


Why you should try it: This takes team building to a whole new level. Imagine your team competing in a regatta on Sydney harbour. Team members will learn basic boat safety and sailing skills.

Then, it’s time to race! Split across two or three fully manned yachts, you’ll race each other around a specially designed harbour course. There’s time to relax afterward and catering can be arranged.


Host an amazing race

a group of people on an amazing race

Ideal for: Teams of 8-300.

Price: Price on enquiry.

Availability: Any day upon arrangement. Between 10am and 2:30pm.


Why you should try it: If you’re looking for the ultimate team bonding activity in Sydney, why not host your very own amazing race? Sydney Amazing Race can design a bespoke race for your team, at a huge variety of locations across Sydney.

Courses range from The Rocks or the Botanic Gardens through to Manly, Chatswood or the Hunter Valley. They also offer virtual courses as well, ideal for remote teams.

Challenge your team and watch them bond like never before as they explore the beautiful city of Sydney.


Urban Legends cycling tours

team building cycle tour

44/18-32 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.

Ideal for: Teams of 4-12. A basic level of fitness and the ability to ride a bike are necessary.

Price: $149pp.

Availability: Any day of the week upon arrangement. 8am-2pm.


Why you should try it: Treat your team to a team building day on two wheels. A guided cycling tour of Sydney is sure to get your team moving, laughing and snapping pics of the iconic scenery.

The typical route includes the Opera House, Darling Harbour, a trip over Anzac Bridge and around Rozelle, Glebe and the Sydney Fish Markets.

This course can be customised to suit your team’s ability and interest. Strap on a helmet and get ready to ride together. This is a team building activity you won’t forget.


OzHarvest cooking class

image of people cooking at ozharvest

62 Maddox St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Ideal for: Teams of 8-70.

Price: $175pp, tax-deductible.

Availability: Monday-Friday.


Why you should try it: OzHarvest offers team building for a good cause. Their corporate cooking classes allow your team to learn new skills, create food and benefit those in need.

Guided by chefs, you will cook a meal from sustainable and nutritious ingredients and then pack this food to be delivered to local charities. Your team is sure to bond as they get their hands dirty in the kitchen for an fantastic cause. It’s the perfect day out with colleagues.


Maniax axe throwing

image of a team building event at maniax

9-11 Jabez street, Marrickville, NSW.

Ideal for: Teams of 6-350 people. Basic agility needed.

Price: From $60pp.

Availability: Every day, 9am-11:30pm.


Why you should try it: Axe throwing . . . now if that doesn’t bring a team together, we’re not sure what will. This team building activity allows employees to express their frustrations in a healthy way and have a laugh as they try out a new skill – it’s the ultimate team event to build team spirit

Plus, it is unlikely that anyone on your team has prior skill in this unique sport, which means a level playing ground for all. Maniax offers customised corporate events, including catering and alcoholic drinks.


Treetops Adventures

team building event - treetops climb

Plough & Harrow East, Western Sydney Parklands, 749 Elizabeth Drive, Abbotsbury.

Ideal for: Teams of 2-20.

Price: From $56pp. Be sure to check whether anyone in your team is afraid of heights!

Availability: Every day, 9am-5:00pm


Why you should try it: Treetops Adventures has a number of zip lining courses around Sydney, including Western Sydney, The Hills, St Ives and the Hawkesbury.

Your team will buckle into harnesses and make their way through above ground obstacle courses. The courses are accessible for a wide variety of abilities and fitness levels. Everyone will get a thrill of soaring through the skies!

My Yoga Essence

image of people doing yoga at a team building event

Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007.

Ideal for: Teams of 5-20. No prior skill or fitness level required.

Price: From $160-$250 per group.

Availability: Any day, upon arrangement.


Why you should try it: My Yoga Essence brings relaxation and positive energy to your office. This travelling yoga studio offers a range of classes from challenging strength based yoga through to meditation sessions or mobility classes which can be done from the comfort of an office chair. There is something to suit every member of your team.

Yoga is a great investment in employee wellbeing, which makes this the ideal team building activity. You can even arrange weekly or fortnightly yoga sessions for your whole team.


Variety Children’s Charity

47 Herbert St, Artarmon NSW 2064.

Ideal for: Teams of 10-350.

Price: Free.

Availability: Upon arrangement.


Why you should try it: Research shows that volunteering supports wellbeing, bonds people and boosts overall happiness. That’s why volunteering with Variety Children’s Charity is the ideal team building activity.

As your team members step out of their comfort zone and work together to care for kids in need, bonding is inevitable. With Variety Children’s Charity, your team can help run an ice skating excursion, a sports day, a Christmas party or a school working bee.


How to host a virtual team building event

If you’re part of a remote team, don’t despair. There are plenty of great virtual team building activities. From online trivia sessions and digital book clubs to in-browser games and competitions, there is an option to suit every team.

Team building is just as important for remote employees. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of virtual team building activities. You can download the list here.

Foster better relationships within your team

Team building is the perfect way you can foster deeper relationships between employees. Genuine relationships at work are crucial for wellbeing.

Employee engagement software can give you further insights into employee wellbeing. Find out what your team needs, so you can serve them better and see them thrive.

When it comes to team building activities, get creative. Whether you start a virtual book club, throw an axe or volunteer — your team will thank you.

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