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Customisable pay conditions engine.

Have complex employment contracts or pay conditions? Simply configure, set and forget - it's that easy.

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Eliminate human error in manual calculations

Say goodbye to manually calculating each employee's pay, overtime, leave and other allowances. Automate pay conditions with ease to avoid costly mistakes.

Manage pay rate increases in bulk

Update and schedule pay rate changes according to each employee's unique payroll scenario. Free up time spent on manual work and spend more time doing what you love.

Keep track of important dates

By configuring public holidays or work anniversaries, you'll never forget an important date again. With the pay conditions engine, you can automatically increase an employee's wages when pay rules are triggered.

Managing complex payroll scenarios? There’s an easier way.

Automate pay calculations

Build the rules of employment agreements and set up unique details, such as allowances for employees and overtime arrangements to make payroll a fuss-free experience. No more manual calculations.

Work types

Create work types and map them to pay or leave categories so that each employee’s specific working conditions are matched to the exact pay conditions under their employment agreement. Simply make the right selection and automate this data straight into timesheet calculations and the pay run.

Rule sets

Automate the interpretation and calculation of hours worked submitted by timesheets. Get full visibility over breaks, allowances, overtime and location-specific conditions. Use the built-in rule tester to ensure pay condition rule sets are accurate before going live.

Pay rate templates

Manage and update pay rate changes for multiple employees at a time. Create pre-defined sets of pay rates and allowance rates under employment agreements which can then be applied in bulk by a monetary amount or as a percentage to new and existing employees.

Leave allowance templates

Use our standard leave allowance templates (or create your own pre-defined leave accrual values) to manage leave with ease. Bulk update leave values for both new and existing employees to save even more time on employee management. Create your own templates that are unique to your specific pay conditions.

Employee tags

Apply tags to individual employees or groups to assign customised pay conditions without affecting other employees. Identifying employees with unique conditions has never been easier.

Pay conditions engine FAQs

A Pay Conditions Engine is a payroll software feature that automates setting up pay rates and managing employee benefits where the nature of work constantly changes. It enables organisations to define complex pay categories, such as variable pay, bonuses, incentives, or commissions. The rules engine is designed to streamline the payroll process, increase efficiency, and reduce errors from manual calculations.

A Pay Conditions Engine calculates employee pay based on various conditions set by the business. These settings can include employment type, shift conditions, meal breaks, hours worked, performance metrics, and other factors. The engine pulls data from various sources, such as HR systems and payroll software, to determine employee pay under unique scenarios.

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