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Cloud-based payroll software.

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Automate as much of your payroll processes as you like by harnessing the power of a fully integrated payroll software and HR platform. Run payroll reports in a few clicks, and never lose a timesheet or leave request again.

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All-in-one payroll solution

Automatic payroll processing

Streamline payroll processes with automated calculations and enjoy the flexibility of running payroll from anywhere using our online payroll system.

HMRC & RTI compliant payroll

Automate your payroll process and submit all required reports to HMRC - including FPS, EPS, P11, P11D, P32, and P60s - with our RTI compliant payroll.

GDPR Compliance

Our payroll services are GDPR compliant and regularly kept up-to-date. With automated cloud backups, you can rest easy knowing your payroll data is safe.

Manage payroll admin with ease

Automated payroll software running payroll
Automated payroll software

Say goodbye to manual payroll processing and managing complex payroll tasks. From automatically creating pay runs and importing timesheets to managing pay rate changes and tracking bank holidays, our software tackles tedious tasks for you.

HMRC reporting feature and summary
RTI payroll reporting

Simplify your RTI reporting process as you automatically submit essential documents, including pensions, FPS, EPS, P11, P11D, P32, and P60s, directly to HMRC. Plus, run payroll reports any time for a quick submission of your National Insurance data and PAYE.

Automated pension submissions

Navigate workplace pensions with automatic enrolment for UK pension schemes. With PensionSync, setting up a new pension scheme or connecting to an existing one becomes seamless. Automate the calculation of pension contributions per pay run, including National Insurance rebates.

Holiday pay calculation

Our payroll software simplifies leave management with instant reports on balances and clear holiday pay calculations. Use standard or custom leave allowance templates, such as the 52-week average report, for streamlined adjustments for all your employees.

Time and attendance

Access comprehensive attendance reports to resolve any uncertainties about shifts worked - benefit from real-time employee location tracking and alerts for missed shifts. Our employee self-service portal submits timesheets when employees clock out, simplifying the review process for managers.

Rota and shift management

Allocate shifts based on skills, encourage staff shift swapping, and automate timesheets with logged work times. Use data-driven insights to schedule the right number of staff during busy periods and easily create schedules with ready-made templates.

Custom pay conditions

Automate pay calculations, bulk pay rate increases, and date-triggered wage adjustments to streamline payroll processes, eliminate errors, and save time.

Smart payroll integrations

Switch payroll solutions easily by importing employee time worked, leave taken and other employee details from your current payroll provider or accounting software into Employment Hero.

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Award-winning payroll software

Our award-winning payroll management software is recognised globally for providing outstanding product and customer experience.

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Payroll software FAQs

Payroll software helps businesses automate their payroll processes. This includes tasks like payroll processing, calculation, tax filing, and detailed reports.

One of the significant benefits of using payroll software is that it can help businesses avoid penalties for non-compliance with payroll tax laws. These laws can be complicated and subject to change, which can make it challenging for businesses to stay on top of their obligations.

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