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RTI Payroll and Reports.

Save time and pay your people with automated payroll. Enjoy the benefits of Real-Time Information (RTI) and take care of workforce planning – all in one simple place.

It’s payroll. Just faster.

Automatic leave balances

Leave accrual and requests update in seconds.

HMRC compliant payroll

Remove frustrations and improve compliance with automated HMRC real time information (RTI) reporting, submit all required information with a few clicks.

Seamless reporting

Powerful reporting tools that can lift your team higher. Understand reports so you and your processes can scale together.

Full transparency over your business with RTI reports.

HMRC reporting feature and summary

HMRC & Real Time Information (RTI)

Reporting your real time information (RTI) to HMRC couldn’t be easier. Automatically submit required reports such as pensions, FPS, EPS, P11, P11D, P32 and P60s directly to HMRC. Submit your National Insurance data and PAYE to HMRC in just a click.

Employee details report

Access a detailed view of your employee data and an audit log of changes made to employee profiles. Tailor reports by start date, location and more, and export them in Excel, CSV or PDF formats.

Leave balances report

Easily generate reports to show a summary of the leave type, approved requested hours, total leave hours, leave balance and more. View breakdowns of employees’ holiday pay calculations, for total transparency on how leave liabilities have been calculated.

Pay run audit report

Need a report that lists all pay run details at a glance? Our report can be personalised to include earnings, pension payments, bank payments, leave, and deductions.

Report packs

Say goodbye to manually downloading a report to save, attach and forward via email to relevant recipients! Configure multiple reports with all of the information you need and automatically send them to recipients on a recurring basis, according to the schedule you want.

Attendance reports

View dates, times, locations and images of each attendance activity recorded via Clock Me In. Cross reference activities against timesheets and rosters to eliminate uncertainty around shifts worked. You can even filter according to different locations, for businesses that operate across multiple venues.

Effortless payroll. The way it should be.

Efficient rota management

Reduce the risk of human error. Assign your team shifts and have confidence you’re planning your workforce to tackle those peak times.

Easy time and attendance

Revolutionise the way your team clock in and out for a shift. Use dynamic rostering, templates and shift bidding to understand your team’s availability.

Automated payroll and payment summaries

A smarter way to pay your people. Automate your payroll and refocus your attention on other strategic work. In a few simple clicks, you can process, finalise and publish your payroll.

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