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Rota management. Easier than ever.

No more wasted time spent on spreadsheets and paper. Simplify employee scheduling for complete visibility and get accurate rotas based on budget.

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Rotas built in a flash

Make building rotas second nature. Create and schedule shifts based on your business's standard working day, drag and copy shifts, assign roles to employees, and duplicate rotas in a few clicks. Use our rota templates to build your own in a flash.

Increase employee accessibility

No more sending emails or chasing staff when planning rotas. Automatically notify employees of their scheduled shifts and give them the option to accept, swap, decline, or bid for open shifts in real-time.
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Stay accurate and compliant

Set up unique payroll scenarios for employees including overtime rates and allowances, automatically reflecting projecting rota costs. The rotas will automatically detect bank holiday rates, overtime, leave and unavailability.

Shave hours off your rota process.

Rotas built to budget

Plan workforce by budget and get real time visibility of wage costs, automatically costing shifts based on the employee setup against rule sets. See the exact wage cost of each rota and compare against the budget before publishing.

Compare rotas to timesheets

Remove the need to manually cross-check data before processing the pay run. Compare shifts to actual time worked and identify inconsistencies before approving employee timesheets.

Shift management

Easily swap shifts and manage new shifts that are unassigned to alleviate your workload. Allow employees to swap shifts only with eligible employees. Give employees the option of accepting or declining a bidding shift.

Rota warnings

Gain confidence knowing that employees have been shifted correctly based on their working requirements. No more checking if overtime, rest breaks or maximum work hours have exceeded.

Manage all your HR with ease.

Weโ€™re the all-in-one employment solution for businesses with big ambitions.

Rota software FAQs

Rota software is an employee scheduling software designed to help businesses manage their employee schedules more efficiently. Rota scheduling software allows managers to improve the process of creating schedules, assigning shifts, and keeping track of staff attendance. It can also manage shift swaps, time-off requests, and holidays.

Using rota software can benefit businesses in multiple ways, including improving communication, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. It helps businesses build rotas that are cost effective, based on dynamic factors such as staff availability, pay rates, working hours, and more. When paired with a payroll software, managers can save time on cross checking, by syncing employee details such as hours worked, overtime, vacation and sick leave into the pay run.

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