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Intuitive HR software for UK SMEs.
Streamline your HR process.

An end-to-end HR management software that covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to engagement, productivity, and success.

Why use Employment Hero's HR software?

HR Software made easy

Every business is different. Your HR software should be too.

Small to medium-sized enterprises around the world have seen huge benefits from using our all-in-one modern HR software. Join over 90,000 businesses who are saving time and money with Employment Hero.

Onboard with ease

Built by HR experts, our HR management platform is the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution on the market. Using our HR software, SMEs can take care of their most important asset - their people - without the mountains of admin.

Having online HR software gives you the flexibility to access your employee data from anywhere, at any time.

A complete HR Solution. At your fingertips.

Applicant tracking system

Post job openings to over 20 different job boards, then manage all applicants through each stage of the hiring process using our talent management feature. View and share applicant tracking data with HR departments and HR managers seamlessly.

Paperless Onboarding And HR Management Platform

Onboard new employees quickly and compliantly with virtual contracts and policy acknowledgement, with self-service available for new starters to complete their own employee files electronically.

Employee self-service portal

Employees maintain their own employee records, submit leave requests and timesheets using their mobile devices, as well as access certifications, policies and more. Business owners and HR professionals can get back valuable time previously used on manual HR tasks and manage employee data securely.

Employee data reporting and analytics

Make better business decisions with complete visibility over company and employee data, including employee attendance, leave liabilities, employee happiness and more. Enjoy total data security with two-factor authentication (2FA).

Reward and recognition

Reduce turnover and improve employee engagement by rewarding and recognising employee milestones like work anniversaries and birthdays, while peer-to-peer recognition ensures no good deed goes unnoticed.

All-in-one HR Solution
Cloud-based HR

100% cloud-based, so you can access employee information and records from anywhere.

A library of tools

Contracts and policies, tracking and record keeping to help you stay compliant.

Improve employee engagement

Pulse checks, reward and recognition, learning and development.

HR Software FAQs

Human resources software, also commonly known as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), is a tool that helps businesses streamline and supercharge their human resources operations. It can automate and support a range of HR processes, such as recruitment, employee onboarding, people management and leave management, while also offering powerful reporting tools and helpful people analytics.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best HR software for your business will depend on your specific needs. If you would like to learn more about how Employment Hero can help your business needs, book a demo with us.

Correct! HR software is also known as Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), or Human Capital Management software (HCM).

When choosing HR software, it’s important to consider your specific needs as a business. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that covers all aspects of HR, then Employment Hero is a perfect choice.

We offer a free demo so you can explore all of our features and see how they can benefit your business. You can also speak with one of our business specialists who can discuss your business’ unique needs.

Not all HR software companies also offer a payroll management platform, but Employment Hero does!

We offer a comprehensive, HMRC-approved payroll solution, which you can choose to add-on to your HR subscription. Employment Hero Payroll can automate your shift scheduling, import timesheets, create pay-runs, apply leave requests, publish payslips and much more.

If you would like to keep an existing payroll software, our platform can also integrate with a range of popular software providers.

No, you don’t need an HR team to use our software. In fact, our HR system can work incredibly well for businesses that do not have dedicated HR teams. With Employment Hero, you can automate tasks and HR functions to easily manage all aspects of HR yourself.

Your data is secure with Employment Hero. We use the latest security technologies to protect your HR data, and our team is constantly monitoring our systems to ensure that your and your employees’ data is always safe.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is also mandatory for Employment Hero accounts that have access to tax, accounting, payroll or business registry information, so you can feel extra confident in knowing your information is secure.

Absolutely! Our platform is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. We believe that every employer should have access to cost-effective HR and Payroll tools, regardless of business size. It’s not just big businesses that should reap the rewards of great HR, people management and payroll!

We understand that calculating and proving ROI can sometimes be tricky and that is why we have produced this guide on how to build a business case for your new human resource management solution.

Cloud-based human capital management (HCM) is a type of HR software that is accessible via the internet, instead of being installed on your computer. This means you can access your entire business and HR data from anywhere in the world with the use of mobile apps.

HR analytics is the process of collecting and analysing data from HR systems to help you make better decisions about your business strategy. With Employment Hero, you can use our built-in HR systems analytics tool to track key HR metrics and see how your business is performing.

Say goodbye to mindless admin.

Electronic timesheets

Employees can submit hourly or daily timesheets using either their mobile or desktop device (no more paper!). Approved timesheets are then pushed to your connected payroll platform, where your pre-defined rule sets will automatically calculate who’s owed what.

Leave management

Never lose another leave request or accidentally short-staff yourself again! Electronic leave requests can be submitted and approved through Employment Hero’s mobile app. Display available leave in real time, and use the leave calendar to ensure you’re never short-staffed.

Close up of man using his smart phone.

HR documentation

Automatically send policies and induction content to new starters during onboarding, while simultaneously requiring them to upload all of their relevant certifications. Send HR documents, like letters of warning or promotion confirmations, within the platform using our content library to keep a digital record of all important communications.

Asset register

Assign and track important company equipment using Employment Hero’s electronic asset register, including security passes, laptops, keys and more. You can also track depreciation of expensive items for tax purposes.

An employee is using his laptop and headphone while working remotely_Effective virtual onboarding experiences webinar_Employer Hero

Performance management

Create performance review templates, set review schedules and trigger automated reminders to both employees and their managers to complete performance reviews during the correct period. Track individual employee performance and team engagement to pinpoint any gaps in performance within the team.


Using Expenses, employees can easily submit expenses through Employment Hero, including receipts and any other relevant information. This HR data can then be exported to provide to your human resources team for reimbursement, making expenses management a seamless experience.

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