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Why we’ve made Hiring Essentials free for you

It’s always been our mission to make employment easier and more valuable for every business. In the face of new economic pressures, we understand UK businesses are looking for more effective ways to manage productivity and their people. We want to help businesses be prepared – no matter what comes their way, which is why we’ve worked hard to make our Hiring Essentials available for free.

Hiring Essentials brings together all the tools you need to easily hire and manage new staff. With our integrated applicant tracking system, digital contracts and paperless onboarding software we help businesses:

  • Advertise for, hire and onboard staff, all from one place
  • Easily post job ads to multiple job sites with a single submission
  • Integrate with candidate preferred job boards including Indeed, Reed, Swag Jobs and many more!
  • Ditch your spreadsheets, track candidates, build a shortlist and make new hires
  • Create a seamless digital onboarding experience for your new hire

With less time spent looking for new talent (and on basic admin), We hope to save you time and resources, so you can focus on business growth. We encourage you to discover our suite of Hiring Essentials to simplify and improve your recruitment and onboarding processes – making sure nothing is left to chance for your next hires.

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Applicant Tracking System

Save time, improve your hiring process and streamline talent acquisition. Managing candidates just got a whole lot easier. Post job openings to over 20 different job boards, then manage all applicants through the entire recruitment process.

Your employer of record (EOR)

Instantly reach a pool of qualified candidates. Employment Hero acts as the employer of record (EOR) or as a professional employment organisation (PEO) for employees based outside markets you already operate in.

Sync with popular job boards

Reach all the right people in all the right places. Advertise job postings with ease. Integrate with many of the world’s most popular job boards and post job ads with a few simple clicks.

Boost your employer value proposition

It can take a lot to attract and keep the best talent. Improve your employer branding and see your talent management efforts soar to new heights.

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Applicant Tracking System FAQs

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a recruiting automation software that helps organisations streamline their recruitment process by automating various tasks such as job posting, resume screening, interview scheduling, and communication with job seekers.

Besides screening for qualified candidates and scheduling interviews, applicant tracking systems that are integrated with HR software platforms help hiring managers attract and onboard top talent efficiently. With seamless connections between the recruitment software and employment management systems, hiring managers gain full visibility and effortless control over each aspect of the recruitment process.

Certainly! Small to medium-sized businesses can significantly benefit from employing an applicant tracking system to manage their recruitment and hiring process. While some smaller organisations may not have the same volume of applicants as larger ones, an ATS can still help streamline the recruitment process and improve efficiency.

“We can see all tasks clearly in Employment Hero.”

“In one week we might have to update 50 people. If it was all through email, our inboxes would be inundated. Now we can see all the tasks clearly in Employment Hero and see where it’s up to."

Jen Graham, Head of HR, ANZ

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