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The art of hiring: strategies for attracting and retaining top talent

6 steps to foolproof recruitment - 6 steps to a foolproof recruitment process
What can you expect?

Recruitment and retention are two of the biggest challenges when it comes to employment.

With employee expectations constantly changing, it can be difficult to develop a recruitment and retention strategy that stands the test of time. That’s why it’s never been so important to be agile and up to date with employment trends.

Join Heath McNally, Talent Acquisition Manager at Employment Hero, alongside Sarah (SMK) Mills-Krutilek, Founder & Head of Talent at Pathmint, Joanna Politis, Head of Talent Acquisition at IBM and Pamela Stevenson, Head of Talent at, as they discuss all things recruitment and retention.

Our expert panel will explore the results of our most recent Talent Insights Report, which sheds light on hiring, retention, and overall employee sentiment. They’ll delve into the current state of employee movement across the APAC region, as well as discuss strategies for attracting and retaining top talent for your business.

Don’t miss this essential discussion for any employer, leader, manager, or HR professional looking to take their recruitment and retention strategy to the next level.

What will be discussed?

  • The current state of movement in 2023 and the role of recruitment
  • The importance of company culture and employer branding when it comes to attracting talent
  • How to develop an efficient hiring process
  • Candidate expectations and the candidate market
  • Recruitment technology 
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