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How an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Can Help You Win the Talent War

Published 17 Jan 2022

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Attracting and hiring people right now is tough. The market is hot, and it’s more difficult than ever to fill open roles. Chances are, you’re juggling many tasks on top of your usual workload – scheduling interviews, reviewing CVs, meeting candidates, and the list goes on.

According to the World Economic Forum, it’s estimated that 41% of employees worldwide plan to leave their jobs within the next 12 months. The Great Resignation is in full force and employers around the world are feeling the strain of mass employee movement.

The competition to secure and retain top talent is more competitive than ever, and hiring managers are feeling the full force of it. You need to be on the ball 100% of the time and fully engaged with every aspect of the hiring process. Drop the ball, and you’ll watch top talent slip right through your fingers.

As the world continues to live alongside Covid-19, everyone is seeking processes and tools that encourage stability and take pressure off. If there’s one area that can relieve the pressure, it’s taking your HR digital.

And specifically, it’s using an applicant tracking software to streamline your hiring process. We’re going to show you how you can use an ATS to help you win the talent war.

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Download the guide now.

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