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CPF calculations. Compliance made easy.

Get support for payroll compliance without stressing about manually calculating all employee data.

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Accurate data

Understand how CPF contributions are calculated and have confidence in each pay run. With payroll and employee data consolidated in one place, it is presented in real time and will be automatically reflected in the pay run.

Save time on manual calculations

Leave the math to us; automate CPF contributions without lifting a finger. No need for Excel formulas.

Effortless CPF reporting

Configure a report once and automatically send them over to selected recipients on a recurring basis, based on the schedule you have set. With no ongoing work required, you can truly sit back and relax.

Enjoy full transparency over CPF calculations.

CPF lodgement report

Easily report on CPF contributions, Skills Development Levy (SDL) payments and Self-Help Group contributions by uploading this file to the CPF website.

CPF context panel

Review calculations and get insights using the context panel. Located within the pay run, it outlines how the CPF contributions are calculated for each employee.

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