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Watch our features in action.
Employment Hero on your mind? We don't blame you. Forget spending hours on tedious HR admin, paperwork and compliance. Watch us in action here.
Our HR Software Demos
Onboarding takes minutes, not days, with Employment Hero.
See how easily you can manage reviews and track progress in Employment Hero.
Employees can complete their timesheets quickly and easily.
Applicant tracking system
See how easy it is to manage all job ads from Employment Hero, then track applicants all the way from first touch to hire.
Easy for employees to upload their certifications
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
Ensure every employee is working towards the same vision.
One on ones
Employment Hero's 1:1s feature makes it easier than ever to schedule recurring 1:1s between managers and employees, as well as across functions and teams.
Compliance reporting
See how easy it is to manage compliance reporting in less than 30 seconds with Employment Hero.
Employment Hero on mobile
Manage your employment from the palm of your hand.
Leave and leave management
Submitting and managing leave is now a breeze.
employee files
Employee files
Spending hours on employee admin? We'll show you a more efficient way to elevate your team.
Employee recognition
Reward and recognise employees to boost engagement and satisfaction.
Take a look at Payroll
Running a pay run
See how easy it is to run pay runs with Employment Hero Payroll
Payroll reporting
Easily generate reports on everything payroll like timesheets and budgets
Shift creation
How to create, move and edit shifts in Employment Hero Payroll.
Time and attendance
Easily set up time and attendance in Employment Hero Payroll.
Learn how Employment Hero Payroll's rostering tool works in this quick demo
Mobile clock in / clock out
See how the Clock In/Clock Out tool works on Mobile
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