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You’re on our Singapore website

AI-Enhanced HR Solution

AI. For Everyone.

Our suite of artificial intelligence (AI) features are designed to streamline your workday, freeing you up to do what computers can’t.

The future is now.
Say hello to our AI-enhanced HR solution.

A faster way to communicate with your team

Quick and thoughtful shoutouts? We’ve got you. Feel confident about communicating with your team in open, virtual spaces.

An enhanced employee experience

An inspiring and organised employee experience starts here – from interviewing and hiring, right through to feedback and company announcements.

A more efficient way to work

Uhm-ing and ah-ing over words? We’ll give you a helping hand to create thoughtful expressions in a flash.

We’ve taken the features you know and love and made them just that little bit better.

Shout outs and recognition

A game changing way to recognise great work is here. Give praise quickly and more regularly with your very own personal wordsmith tool.

AI enhanced shoutout and recognition feature

Job descriptions and ads

No more googling job descriptions and scratching your head over what to include in a job ad. Create, upload and launch a job ad in record time.

Interview summaries

Actively engage in conversations and leave the notes to us. We’ll flesh out the interview summary and give you what you need to make a decision.

Employee feedback and notes

Be more engaged in your 1:1s and propose thoughtful next steps. Add keywords during the meeting and flesh out the notes later.

Work easy.

The smarter way to manage people, payroll and productivity. For SMEs with big ambitions.

Innovation, reliability, customer service. A tick, gold medal, five stars.

G2 Core Leader Award
G2 Payroll High Performer Award
G2 Highest User Adoption Award
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