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Automated pension submissions.

Simplify workplace pension scheme duties with our PensionSync feature.

Say goodbye to manual assessment and calculations. We’ve got you covered.

Manage workplace pensions easily

Automatic enrolment, pension contributions, reporting, and opt-in/opt-out from one source of truth - updated in real-time.

Eliminate human error on manual calculations

With the flexible file correction and error correction wizard feature, you can easily fix any pension errors without having to do any payroll rework.

One central location

Paperwork can hard to track. Start storing all important pension information digitally in one location. Our payroll software is secure and you can access it from wherever you are in the world – via mobile or desktop.

Pension Integrations

Pain-free payroll to pensions with PensionSync.

Include pension contributions in the pay run

Automatically enter the percentage of pensionable earnings to be applied per pay run. You can easily calculate contributions and also specify any National Insurance rebate amounts.

Automatic enrolment (AE)

Automatically assess and enrol employees in a pension scheme. Once the pay run has been finalised, the information will be updated with their new pension status.

Opt in/opt out of pension schemes

Once an employee has been automatically enrolled in a pension scheme, you can opt-out employees out of the scheme during your specified opt-out period. Available for the 6 main auto enrolment providers (NEST, The People’s Pension, NOW: Pensions, Aviva, Smart Pension and Legal & General).

Pension Contribution Report

Easily get a breakdown of employer and employee contributions to pension schemes. Save in excel or PDF format.

Auto-enrolment notifications

Once a pay run is finalised, employees will be assessed and notified of their pension eligibility automatically. Auto-enrolment notifications will be sent for eligible job holders, non-eligible job holders and entitled workers.

Automated workplace pension submissions FAQs

An automated pension submission feature allows employers to submit pension contributions to their employees’ retirement accounts automatically. This system is typically integrated with the payroll software, so pension contributions are deducted from the employee’s salary and transferred directly to their pension account.

A workplace pension scheme is a pension that is set up by the employer, to help employees save for their lives after work.

Pension auto-enrolment is a duty, by law, for every employer. Employers must automatically enrol employees, if eligible, to their workplace pension scheme.

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