The Findings

The year of the
lateral move?

Internal development has jumped in popularity since 2021.

safety nets

84% of Singaporean employees are taking action to future-proof their careers.


Only half of Singaporean employees feel secure in their roles.


30% of new employees are already looking for another role.
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What’s going on with Singaporean employees and the jobs market in 2023? We surveyed 1,000 at the start of the year to find out.
Our findings paint a valuable picture of the year ahead when it comes to hiring, retention, and the overall employee sentiment. We’ll unpack;
  • Employee intentions to switch roles
  • Sentiments around job security in the current economic market
  • How employees are future-proofing their careers
  • The latest insights around recruitment and retention
  • Much more
For any employer, leader, manager, or HR professional - this might be the most essential reading you can do to prepare for hiring in 2023. Download the free report now.
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