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Singapore Public Holidays 2024 Cheatsheet

Singapore Public Holidays 2024 Cheatsheet

Public holidays are everyone’s favourite time of the year — who doesn’t love setting an ‘out of office’ status, making exciting plans and spending some precious time with loved ones?

As an employer or HR professional, while public holidays mean exciting times for employees, it also means peak periods, changes in the availability of staff and additional budgeting or rostering tasks to be done. It’s important that you’re aware of ‌public holiday dates throughout the year so you can make the necessary adjustments and preparations — be it shifting deadlines or ramping up your workforce to cope with added consumer demand.

So, what better way to stay on top of all these dates than a public holiday calendar cheatsheet? We’ve got you covered. Download it, print it or share it with everyone you know.

What’s in our public holiday cheatsheet?

It covers;

  • A calendar overview of 2024 public holiday dates (and possible employee leave dates)
  • Does your team know the correct procedure for requesting leave?
  • Can employees work on a public holiday and get another day off-in-lieu instead?
  • Best practices for holiday leave requests
  • Checklist to secure your leave management procedure

Download the calendar now.

Singapore Public Holidays 2024 Cheatsheet

Public holidays in 2024


Public Holiday Date
New Year’s Day 1 Jan 2024
Chinese New Year 10 Feb 2024
11 Feb 2024
12 Feb 2024
Good Friday 29 Mar 2024
Hari Raya Puasa 10 Apr 2024
Labour Day 1 May 2024
Vesak Day 22 May 2024
Hari Raya Haji 17 Jun 2024
National Day 9 Aug 2024
Deepavali 31 Oct 2024
Christmas Day 25 Dec 2024


Public holidays in 2023


Date Public Holiday
New Year’s 1st January 2023
2nd January 2023
Chinese New Year 22nd January 2023
23rd January 2023
24th January 2023
Good Friday 7th April 2023
Hari Raya Puasa 22nd April 2023
Labour Day 1st May 2023
Vesak Day 2nd June 2023
Hari Raya Haji 29th June 2023
National Day 9th August 2023
Polling Day (new!) 1st September 2023
Deepavali 12th November 2023
13th November 2023
Christmas 25th December 2023


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Before you download the cheatsheet, we just need some details:
Before you download the cheatsheet, we just need some details:
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