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Employee offboarding software.

Goodbyes are hard. We make offboarding easier.

Most goodbyes are nothing personal, but we make sure your offboarding is. Easily manage your employee departure admin, so you can ask the things that matter most.

We make goodbyes easier

Stumped for words. Or actions? We'll guide you through saying goodbye to ensure all of the important tasks are sorted when you say farewell.

Everything in one central place

Easy offboarding has arrived. Keep all of your important notes and to-do's in one place with Employment Hero.

Manage your offboarding checklist

An employee offboarding process to-do list. It covers those important details. Ensure all bases are covered when it comes to saying goodbye.

Saying goodbye? Weโ€™re here for you.

Offboarding Checklists

There's lots to do when it's time to wrap up employment. Stay on top of things and mark off all of the essential tasks with automated workflows, and assign tasks to those in charge.

Exit Interviews

Looking back and reflecting is important. Ask your departing employees what they liked, disliked about their employee experience and be proactive in bettering your team and processes.

Hero Passport

Accessing past employment information is important. Give former employees the ability to access payslips, payment summaries and more โ€“ so you save time on digging out old employee records.

Offboarding Process

Handling employee departures? We're here to help. Offboard and terminate an employee with only a few clicks. Offboarding has never been quicker or simpler.

โ€œI love how easy it is to use; I can access work from the office, a specific centre, at home or even when on leave for emergencies.โ€
Rachael Hinton, HR Manager

Employee offboarding software FAQs

Employee offboarding software is a digital tool that automates the offboarding process when an employee leaves the company. It helps HR managers improve compliance during the offboarding process by providing a structured employee exit process and offboarding workflows.

Companies should automate their employee exit procedures to ensure a secure and efficient offboarding process that protects company assets, data, and reputation. Without a compliant offboarding process in place, former employees could retain access to confidential information and resources, putting the company at risk of data breaches, compliance violations, and other security threats.

Manage the employee departures with ease.

Our employee offboarding software makes the transition smoother than ever.

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Work easy.

Create a stress-free employee offboarding experience with Employment Hero.
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