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NZ Remote Work Report 2022

Where are you working from right now?

Home? The office? The couch? A cafe? A co-working space halfway across the world?

Wherever it may be, there’s a good chance it’s a different location to where you were working three years ago. Most of us have now mastered the art of remote work and it’s become a very normal part of our everyday life.

Beyond the demands of the pandemic, could remote work provide flexibility like no other, soften the rising cost of living, and benefit marginalised groups – helping address important issues affecting New Zealanders in 2022?

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we wanted to see what the current state of remote work is, and how this might shape working trends. We’ve gathered responses from employees* all around New Zealand to share their sentiments around how remote, hybrid and office working is shaping the future of work.

In this report, we cover:

  • How the future of work is flexible;
  • Prioritising work-life balance;
  • A world of opportunity for everyone;
  • Working and the rising cost of living;
  • The changing role of automation and digital tools;
  • What the future of work will look like; and
  • Much more.

Download the report now.

*This report represents a segment we surveyed in the employment market. We are mostly examining data from ‘knowledge workers’, defined as workers with jobs which require them to work primarily on a computer or with documentation, rather than a job which is predominantly physical or location-bound.

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Register for the report.
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