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White-label payroll software.

Stand out from competitors with a branded payroll solution. Harness our payroll software and brand it as your own.

Made for accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll bureaus.

Manage multiple accounts

Manage multiple client accounts via your own dashboard with standardised branding across each.

Time and cost savings

Enjoy product innovation, development, integrations, feature testing and legislation updates - without any effort required from you.

Boost your brand

By branding our payroll software as your own, clients and employees are consistently exposed to your brand each time they log on. Build your brand's trust and credibility to skyrocket future growth.

Tap into an entirely new revenue stream for your accounting, bookkeeping or payroll bureau firm.

Customisable features

Add value to your brand amongst clients and prospects by offering a consistent customer experience. Customise your logo, look and feel, terms and conditions, and domain name.

A centralised location to manage clients with your brand

Easily manage settings for clients using branded payroll with our streamlined tools. Better manage individually branded payroll details including user access.

Ready for growth

Includes unlimited businesses. Offer tailored payroll solutions and increase customer satisfaction by using detailed insights into clients and feature usage.

White-label payroll software FAQs

White-label payroll or a branded solution is software that companies can rebrand as their own without having to do product innovation, development, testing or keep up with local legislation. This allows companies to resell the payroll software as their own and add extra value to clients.

With Employment Hero Payroll, professional service providers or technology companies can benefit from using a white-label payroll service. This includes accountants, bookkeepers, payroll bureaus and software providers. Any organisation that wants to provide payroll services to their clients can benefit from white-labelling a payroll software by adding value to their services, without having to build a completely new product.

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