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Next gen recruitment trends and tools: unlocking SmartMatch

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About the webinar

Dive into the future of recruitment with our latest customer webinar, Next gen recruitment trends and tools: unlocking SmartMatch.

Join Employment Hero’s David Holland, Scott Archibald and Callum Rutherford as they discuss the latest hiring trends we’re seeing right now and how SmartMatch can revolutionise your hiring approach, allowing you to bypass traditional search and significantly cut down your time to hire.

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Exclusive insights: Hear from David Holland and Scott Archibald as they offer a candid look into the current state of recruitment and provide actionable insights.
  • A new era of hiring: Discover how next-gen tech like SmartMatch is setting the new standard for smarter, faster, and more effective hiring – no more needle-in-the-haystack searches!
  • SmartMatch in action: Watch SmartMatch in action and see how this powerhouse can fit into your world, streamlining your processes and amplifying your hiring efforts.
  • Q&A:  Engage with our team live and get the low-down on all things SmartMatch. Plus, a handy factsheet will follow post-webinar to recap your burning questions. 


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