How to work from home like a pro..

Following the rules and tips outlined below will allow you to maximise the opportunities and advantages of working from home.

Now that we’ve embraced working from home, many changes were forced into our weekly routines and perhaps as a consequence, we have neglected our physical health slightly. Physical wellness is essential for our bodies because we need to be healthy in order to perform to the best of our ability. Learn how to embrace a healthy lifestyle and start working from home, like a pro.

Employment Hero Benefits.

Employment Hero is a complete HR management solution for small to medium businesses. Founded in 2014 by employment lawyer, Ben Thompson, we aim to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone.

Setting yourself up for success in the workplace starts with getting your foundations in place at home. To help you do this, Employment Hero providers users with tools to make well informed decisions in the important areas of their life and to find ways of how to squeeze all of the juice out of every dollar earned.

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