To hire, or to not hire, in HR Whitepaper.

Not sure whether you need to start hiring a HR Manager, a consultant or some software to help you with your people power?

You may have been able to cope before – but your business is growing now, and surely your time is better spent on things other than HR admin.

If you suspect that you’re drowning in paperwork, or, you’re not convinced you’re covering all your HR bases, this toolkit is for you!

This HR Capability Toolkit contains:

  • A helpful calculator that uncovers just how much time your admin is taking you (imagine all that business you could be winning!), and
  • decision tree that will help you determine how you should resource HR, based on your specific business needs.

Get the low-down on how you should be resourcing your HR function and keep up that growth momentum!

Unlock our Guide To hire, or not to hire in HR ➡
Whitepaper on hiring HR manager in your business
To download the tool kit, we just need a few quick details.

How should you Resource HR?

You spend more than one hour every day on HR administration. Which includes payroll, recruitment, staff management and leave.

Is this robbing you of essential value-adding time in the business?

Could you be doing more to manage the people in your business and make sure that you’re up to date and compliant?

Some strategic advice to help you plan and make important decisions could be just the help you require. Don’t let the people in your business suffer because of the mix of spreadsheets, word processing documents and multiple calendars to manager your HR.

Download the free toolkit and review your current HR situation and if it is actually working for you, rather than against you.


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