How to Stamp Out Bullying in the Workplace.

Whether it’s higher absenteeism rates, lower staff productivity, plummeting staff morale, or the loss of skilled workers through resignation, the symptoms of bullying in the workplace come in many shapes and sizes.

This anti-bullying guide will show you:

  • How to implement an anti-bullying policy
  • To stamp out the high cost of bullying in the workplace
  • Demonstrate what bullying in the workplace is and how you can recognise it.
  • Much, much more to stamp out bullying in your business!

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Why you need to stamp out bullying in your workplace.

On a personal level, individuals who are being bullied may lose confidence in their abilities, suffer from increased anxiety, headaches, loss of sleep, and potentially depression. Even those employees not directly being bullied can be affected in similar ways simply by witnessing bullying.

In fact, according to the Federal Government House Standing Committee on Education and Employment, as well as having a profound effect on all aspects of a person’s health, work, and family life, it also has significant flow-on effects for the community and the economy.

In addition to lower productivity and staff turnover issues, dealing with bullying can consume valuable management hours. So, instead of focusing on running your business, you’re spending your time dealing with the problem, trying to hose down the situation, or worse still, defending a legal claim.

Providing a safe working environment for all employees isn’t just good business, it’s a legal requirement, enshrined in Australia’s Work Health and safety laws.


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How To Stamp Out Bullying
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