How to Manage Toxic Staff Your Essential Whitepaper.

The old saying that one bad apple can ruin the barrel also holds true in the workplace. If ignored, just one toxic employee can infect your entire workplace.

Save your office (and yourself) from all the headache with our guide.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use the performance management checklist 
  • How to use behavioural interviewing techniques to weed out toxic employees
  • How to detect toxic behaviour early
  • How to avoid the damaging impact of bad apples
  • Much, much more!

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Toxic Staff and the Damage to Your Business.

Toxic staff members aren’t typically lazy, or poor performers. They can be incredibly productive compared to the average worker. What’s more, these individuals often possess other valued traits. They often have sky-high levels of self-esteem, and more than their fair share of charisma. At one end of the spectrum, toxic workers can simply be annoying or a bad fit for the business. At the other end, they harass, bully, and make life unpleasant for co-workers.

But, even relatively modest levels of toxic behaviour can take a major toll on your business and other employees. They can destroy morale, lower workforce productivity, induce absenteeism, and be the source for the uptick in your employee turnover.

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, with toxic staff, as with most things in life, prevention is certainly easier than cure. So, weeding out potentially toxic employees in your recruitment process is incredibly important. Using behavioural interviewing techniques to find out how candidates have handled situations in the past can give you an important predictor of toxic behaviour in the future.

Even where your employee is a strong performer, their behaviour may well be affecting the productivity and morale of the entire team. So it’s important to detect the toxic behaviour early to minimise its impact. This may involve providing training on acceptable workplace behaviours, tackling it head on in your performance review process, and using your employee happiness surveys to monitor its presence.



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