5 Rules to Happy Home Ownership and Lending.

Employment Hero helps its members with all sorts of money questions, from superannuation to buying property. And when it comes to happy home buying, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

What can you expect to learn from 5 Rules to Happy Home Ownership & Lending?

✅  Getting the deposit

✅  Setting property price limits

✅  Applying for the right mortgage

✅  Buying to live

✅  Buying to invest

Our aim is to put you in the driving seat of your property journey by cutting through the noise to give you the best chances of starting on the right path to happy home ownership.

Who is Employment Hero?

Employment Hero is a complete HR management solution for small to medium businesses. Founded in 2014 by employment lawyer, Ben Thompson, we aim to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone.

We empower businesses by providing automated solutions for employee management and engagement, payroll and employee benefits. Our platform reduces admin time on managing people by up to 80%, time spent on payroll by up to 60% and time spent onboarding a new hire to just minutes.

Employment Hero powers over 4,000 business and 135,000 employees. Together we want to build a better world at work.

Watch our video.

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