Australian Employee Expectations Whitepaper.

Recruiting and retaining employees should be at the forefront of every employer’s mind. What are employee’s expectations from their workplace? What key factors influence their decision to accept a job? What causes them to resign?

Our insights report reveals what Australian employee expectations really are and what they want from their employers, such as:

  • What benefits they most desire (hint: ping pong tables are not referenced).
  • Eyebrow raising statistics regarding the financial health of the Australian workforce
  • That it’s more important than ever for employers to assist their employees when it comes to allowing salaries to stretch further and providing flexible pay
  • Much, much more around employee expectations!

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The Australian workplace is changing and employee expectations are at the centre of it all.

Flexible work, healthy workplace cultures, wellbeing strategies and benefits are becoming top priorities for employees.
What’s behind the employee expectations shift?

New generations armed with a social conscience, a need for connectivity and a demand for wellbeing, are entering the job market. Technology continues to evolve, altering employee expectations around how we communicate, the way we work and where we work. Old hierarchies are breaking down in favour of more collaborative models that prioritise recognition and team
work. Outside the workplace, the cost of living is rising and a large chunk of our workforce are finding themselves financially vulnerable.

As a result, employees are beginning to want more from their employers and this is directly influencing decisions around where to work and how long to stay. For those wanting to attract and retain the best talent and build world class businesses, it’s well worth taking the time to stop and discover what it is employees want.

As they say, ask and ye shall receive. We asked, and the answers ranged from expected too surprising. We hope you learn from our insights and applaud all businesses who seek to make employment more rewarding for their staff. After all, the equation is simple. The creation of a better world at work equals the creation of a better world.


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