will be loyal
to businesses
that care

Health in 2022 is all about taking the good with the bad, and approaching situations with an open mind. Workplaces have made some great progress with how they approach employee wellbeing, and the positive impacts have never been so clear.

IN 2022

High-growth and resilient businesses are created by healthy and inspired employees, who are given the environment to do their best work.

Workplace wellbeing is on the up

When we zoom out to a general view of workplace wellness, it’s clear businesses are moving in the right direction. Only 13% of employees rated their employer’s commitment to wellness as poor.

Employers who care are more likely to have loyal teams

Workplace wellness is worth the investment when it comes to trusting teams. This could save major costs associated with turnover and make all the difference to a growing company.


“...to be fair my employer has been great, which is why I’m still here, as I know I wouldn’t have the same flexibility at another company.”


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