Super Explained:
Free Webinar 

Free Webinar Thursday 24 September @ 11am

Personal money topics are filled with buzzwords.

It’s confusing and by the time you’ve googled what it all means all it can feel so overwhelming the whole thing becomes a struggle to know who to listen to. It also becomes easy to miss which parts are the important parts. We’re here to demystify the world of superannuation.

Join Head of Financial Wellness, Ray Jaramis, as he takes you through how to understand super. 



Super Explained: Free Webinar Thursday 24 September @ 11am

Basically for anyone who is working, you’ll have had to make some decisions about super along the way.

Essentially super is your money with a bow around it until you’re old enough to spend it. 

We believe there’s no wrong age to get started and take action to understand what superannuation is all about. 

This session is perfect for those wanting to understand:

  • The world of superannuation 
  • Key elements drivers of what makes your super tick 
  • How much you need to put in & your available levers
  • Investments in super key fundamentals 
  • Why you probably have insurance in super

Wellness Notice – Now we know the internet is great for lots of things – information overload included. So rather than guessing what you want to hear more about and risk missing the mark we need you to tell us.

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Who is Ray?

  • Ray Jaramis works as our Head of Financial Wellness.
  • Having completed a degree focused on behavioural psychology his mission is to merge the psychology world with financial services.
  • Awarded as 2018s Financial Adviser of the Year he aims to go about things in a different way.


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