Investing 101:  Money that works for you.

The majority of us all go to work to make money. Whilst this is the core way to generate an income, the unfortunate limitation is time. You can only work so many hours in the day to earn more money.

Sure, getting a pay rise would be a way to get more money, but what else is available to you? Are there other ways to generate income? 

Join Ray Jaramis & the Employment Hero Financial Wellness team as we walk through the tips and tricks we have learnt on how to squeeze all of the juice out of the money you're already bringing in. 

This session is perfect for those who want to learn: 

✅ How does the stock market work? 
✅ When is the right time to invest? 
✅ Profits and company divdends explained 
✅ Know your runway


The festive season can be the most exciting and rewarding time of the year (yes, especially this year). With all of the fun and excitement for the weeks ahead, can also come an unwelcome feeling that you should be doing more with your hard-earned money. 

This session has been put together to help give you the tools and ideas to make sure you are in the driving seat when it comes to your financial life. Low wage growth highlights how it is more important than ever to ensure that the money you earn is put to work. 

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