How to Build a Business Case for HR Software

Join Chief People Officer, Alex Hattingh and Senior Business Development Manager, Sarah Topjian for a live Q&A around how to build a business case for HR software. Now more than ever, HR, payroll and benefits software is vital to help manage your team, even as they return to the office. If you’re convinced but your business leaders aren’t, this session is for you. Learn how to build a business case for HR software and get your request across the line.

Some of what they’ll discuss:

  • The steps you need to take in researching solutions
  • Identify business problems and solve for them
  • How to engage senior decision makers in the process
  • Feel empowered and prepared to get HR software across the line

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Meet your hosts

Alex Hattingh

Alex Hattingh is the Chief People Officer at Employment Hero and has over 15 years experience in people management and leadership development. Alex derives energy and passion from helping both companies and their employees succeed. Alex’s roles have covered large Fortune 500 companies through to start-ups including Google, Yahoo!, Lendlease and Ivy College.

Sarah Topjian

Sarah Topjian is a Senior Business Development Manager at Employment Hero and thrives from helping Australian businesses solve the unique challenges that come with managing a workforce. In her 4 years at Employment Hero, Sarah had helped hundreds of customers drastically transform their business operations while also leading a team of sales representatives to do the same.

Sarah Topjian - Senior Sales Manager