Home Ownership Masterclass.

Home ownership can be mega complicated and it's often hard to know where to start. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by all of the massive decisions you'll need to make so we wanted to help.

Join Ray Jaramis & the Employment Hero Financial Wellness team as we take a deep dive into the five rules to happy home ownership & lending.

In this one hour masterclass, Ray will run through:

✅ Getting the deposit
✅ Set your property price limit
✅ Applying for the right mortgage
✅ When buying a place to live in
✅ When buying an investment property 


We get so many questions about the best way to approach home ownership & over the years we have learnt so much.

Because every property journey is specific and individual it is important you understand the key concepts to making well informed decisions.

Our Masterclass will cover the five rules to happy home ownership & lending along with a live Q&A at the end.

We will also show you how to get involved with our mortgage concierge services to set up the best loan for you. 


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