How to Create an Excellent Remote Candidate Experience.

What do Alex and Zubin chat about?

  • It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever; what have been the biggest changes to recruitment since the pandemic?
  • What are the biggest challenges and opportunities of hiring someone remotely?
  • How have candidates’ needs and expectations changed?
  • How can businesses design better candidate journeys?
  • What 3 trends will be most important for the candidate experience over the next year or so?
watch now - remote candidate experience alex hattingh and zubin fitter

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Meet your hosts

Alex Hattingh – Chief People Officer

Alex Hattingh is the Chief People Officer at Employment Hero and has over 15 years experience in people management and leadership development. Alex derives energy and passion from helping both companies and their employees succeed.
Alex’s roles have covered large Fortune 500 companies through to start-ups including Google, Yahoo!, Lendlease and Ivy College.

Zubin Fitter – Partnerships Director

Zubin Fitter has over 20 years of experience in commercialisation, partnerships and business development. Driven by customers and relationships Zubin has held multiple leadership roles in software, media and the digital consultancy industry. Zubin is currently on a journey to help organisations transform their recruitment processes by using more than a resume to screen talent. 

Zubin Fitter - Curious Thing