How to design your employer brand
for 2021.

How confident do you feel about your employer brand going into 2021? An employer brand is vital to your company’s bottom-line results. Yet, only 57% of organisations say they have implemented an employer brand strategy.

Without an effective employer brand strategy, hiring and retaining top talent becomes a challenge and a huge cost to your business. According to the Harvard Business Review and ICM Unlimited, companies with a poor employer brand need to pay $4,723 more per hire. Research suggests a strong employer brand is proven to reduce turnover rates by up to 28%, and halve your costs-per-hire. 

Join Alex Hattingh (Chief People Officer at Employment Hero) and Mark Puncher (CEO & Founder at Employer Branding Australia) as they chat through how you can design your employer brand for 2021.

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Alex Hattingh

Alex Hattingh is the Chief People Officer at Employment Hero and has over 15 years of experience in people management and leadership development. Alex derives energy and passion from helping both companies and their employees succeed. Alex’s roles have covered large Fortune 500 companies through to start-ups including Google, Yahoo!, Lendlease and Ivy College.

Alex Hattingh

Mark Puncher

Mark Puncher is a Dad, a CEO and a big fan of gin. He’s spent much of the last 18 years with one hand in marketing, the other in talent attraction, and both feet in leadership. Mark lives and breathes employer branding and culture shaping. When he isn’t doing that, his current hobbies include finger painting, 5am ballet and building dens. He also has strong beliefs about the importance of wine.