How to scope out requirements for your new HR system.

With so many people and culture tech options to choose from it can be hard to know where to start.

The rapid digitisation of HR has brought a plethora of tech options to choose from. Nearly every part of people management can now be achieved with online tools and software. This, of course, can often be overwhelming – where do you start? What do you need from a HR system and how can you choose the right one for your business?

Join SMB HR technology experts, Sarah Topjian and Danielle Norton, as they take you through the steps to effectively scope out your requirements for new HR software. 

What will Sarah and Danielle cover in this session?

  • How to establish a baseline for HR activity
  • How to define and align your HR and wider-business priorities
  • How to scope out the needs of others
  • When, why and how to engage decision makers in the process
  • Plus, ask Sarah and Danielle all your pressing questions

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Your HR experts.

Sarah Topjian

Sarah Topjian is a Sales Manager at Employment Hero and has spent five years helping businesses solve the unique challenges that come with managing a workforce. Sarah now leads a team who are also on the same mission to make employment easier with technology.

Danielle Norton

Danielle Norton is an Account Executive with Employment Hero, helping SMBs to adopt EH’s HR and Payroll solutions. Danielle works directly with customers to understand their evolving challenges and discuss how HR software will be best suited to their unique needs.