Australian SME Booster Offer – Terms

We are making it easy for Australian small businesses to manage their HR and People Management from anywhere by offering the ability to subscribe to our platform with no upfront costs, access our Platinum HR platform for the price of Premium and to receive two months free on us.

We’re delighted to make this special offer to Australia’s small businesses who need every break they can get right now. Employment Hero is THE platform to enable remote management of employees and support your teams.


  • Receive our HR platform Implementation Services at no cost (saving thousands of dollars)
  • Receive first 2 months Employment Hero HR Subscription for no cost when subscribing to our Platinum HR plan for a minimum 12 month term (pay for 10 months, receive 12)
  • Receive the HR Platinum Subscription Plan for the cost of the HR Premium Subscription Plan for your first 12 months
  • Your 2 month no cost period will begin from the date you subscribe to Employment Hero
  • Your HR subscription will automatically revert to the cost of the normal HR Platinum Subscription Plan at the end of your first 12 months

This will allow businesses to:

  • Access vital policies needed at times like this, like a COVID-19 Response policy and a Work From Home Policy, with auditable digital acknowledgement
  • Send out messages company wide
  • Allow employees to submit timesheets electronically
  • Align their teams together through OKRs
  • Use the JobKeeper Wizard to help employers send, collect and report on their employees’ JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice form using Employment Hero
  • Ensure employees are still recognised for hard work with reward and recognition
  • Ensure they have access to all their vital documents when and where they need them in the cloud
  • To keep everyone in contact via the company feed, both on desktop and mobile
  • Give employees access to vital discounts like Coles and Woolworths which will help them through this period
  • Provide employees with Instapay*, to allow them access to vital funds in emergencies, fee free.

To qualify for this offer, you must:

  • Sign up to a paid Platinum plan with a minimum number of 10 and maximum of 500 employees for a minimum 12 month contract before 28th May, 2020 (unless the offer is withdrawn sooner)
  • Not use this offer in conjunction with any offer or promotion, outside of our JobKeeper Wizard Deal
  • Be an Australian based business and not an existing Employment Hero customer.

Standard Employment Hero terms and conditions apply.

*Requires Employment Hero Payroll also.

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