Remote and Flexible Working Employee Agreement and Policy Free Template Download.

Ensure your organisation is covered by implementing a Remote  and Flexible Working Policy and Remote Working Employee Agreement. Download our printable version of the both the Remote Working Policy and the Remote and Flexible Working Employee Agreement template now. Entirely free.

This free Australian Remote and Flexible Working Policy and Employee Agreement template will outline your organisation’s role and your employees’ responsibilities.

The Remote and Flexible Agreement must be read in conjunction with the Remote and Flexible  Working Policy. All employees who request to work remotely, either on a casual or ongoing basis, are required to enter into a remote working agreement first. All instances of working remotely under this Agreement must have the approval of the Employee’s Manager in advance. Should any circumstance change, a new agreement shall be entered into.

This remote working checklist will also help ensure you as an employer covered in your duty of care obligations.

What’s inside:

  • Remote and Flexible Working Policy
  • Remote and Flexible Working Employee Agreement
  • Remote and Flexible Working Checklist
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Remote Work FAQs.

What are the benefits of remote work for employees?

There are many positive to a remote-first workforce, but the main benefit we discovered from our recent survey is an improved work-life balance. No commuting is the thing that employees (56%) miss the least about the office as they have more time to do the things they enjoy.

What are the benefits of remote work for employers?

Instantly open up the talent pool as through remote work – your new employee could live anywhere! The career opportunities you provide are no longer bound by location, but instead are open to different locations.



How to make sure my business is adhering to remote work policies?

Get professional advice. Hire a HR professional or implement an HRIS like Employment Hero to ensure you are being remote work compliant. Resources like the remote work agreement template on this page are also helpful tools to ensure you are on the right track.

What is an Employee Remote Working Agreement?

A remote work policy is an agreement that outlines when and how employees can work from locations other than the office. These policies can be temporary or permanent. Remote work policies describe who can work remotely, best practices to follow, and the legal rights of remote employees.

Download your free copy of this Remote Working Agreement template now.


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