JobKeeper Directives Template Pack.

Is your organisation taking advantage of the JobKeeper subsidy? Did you know it’s also extends your powers when it comes to stand downs, change of hours, change of work and change of location?

These JobKeeper Directive templates, written and approved by Employment Law experts, are fully customisable to your businesses situation if you find yourself needing to exercise the new provisions.

Download this free template pack now. 

Stay safe!

To download the JobKeeper directives template pack, we just need a few quick details.

What are JobKeeper Directives?

Any employer who qualifies for the JobKeeper Payment subsidy will also be able to give a JobKeeper Direction to an employee which has the effect of varying the employee’s terms of employment on a unilateral basis. This can include a broad discretion in relation to hours of work, timing of work, location of work, the taking of annual leave, and the allocation of work tasks.


The Fair Work Act has been amended as a result of the JobKeeper scheme. As part of this, employers receiving JobKeeper Payments can give eligible employees “JobKeeper enabling directions” to vary certain terms of the employee’s employment, such as reducing their hours of work, duties and location of work, without the employee’s consent

Certain conditions must be met, including:

  1. The direction must be responsive to business changes attributable to COVID-19 or government initiatives to slow the transmission (eg. government shut-downs of businesses or less patronage)
  2. You can only give the direction if the employee cannot be usefully employed for their normal hours
  3. You can only give the direction to an employee who you have received a JobKeeper Payment for
  4. You must consult with the employee about the direction The direction must be reasonable in the circumstances
  5. The employee’s rate of pay cannot be reduced
  6. The JobKeeper Payment must continue to be passed onto the employee
  7. The employee must be provided with at least three days’ notice of the intention to give the direction and;
  8. The direction must be in writing

We actually have an entire guide going in to what the directives are and when you can exercise them:



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