COVID Employee Wellness Survey Template.

Worried about your employee’s wellness, physical and mental wellbeing at the moment? This survey template is designed to send out to your employees to help get a gauge of how they have been coping.

This template, approved by HR and Mental Health experts, is fully customisable to your businesses situation.

Download this free COVID Employee Wellness Survey Template Now. 

Stay safe!

To download the template, we just need a few quick details.

Employee Wellbeing FAQs.

How do I manage wellbeing whilst WFH?

Incorporate feedback into your business operations to truly understand what your employees are experiencing. Initiatives like covid questionnaires, 1:1s and custom wellness surveys will ensure your team feels heard and you can manage their responses accordingly. 

What activities are appropriate to implement in the workplace to foster a positive environment?

Making sure your team feels connected and aligned are a key factor to success so, we suggest: 

  • Offer virtual yoga or meditation we recommend: Bad Yogi Retreats
  • Create a dedicated time for a virtual chit chat – employees have reported they miss the social interaction of working in an office so, why not replicate Friday night drinks and coffee hangouts virtually!
  • Offer discounts to health and wellbeing services like Employment Hero
  • Lead by example – promote a positive environment by encouraging discussions around wellbeing and truly asking how your employees are.

For more ideas click here.



My employees are asking for flexible work but I am nervous their performance will reduce?

Employees with flexible work schedules typically have higher levels of job satisfaction and less absenteeism, along with lower turnover rates. Offering workplace flexibility improves retention, reduces absenteeism and contributes to happier more engaged staff. Whether you opt to allow your workers to pick and choose their hours or condensing their hours into a shorter working week, offering flexible working is a fundamental part of the modern healthy workplace. Set up a 1:1 with your employees to discuss what type of flexible working arrangements they would prefer.

Find out more about flexible work here.

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