More visibility and lowered costs for South Pacific Private

The Organisation:


South Pacific Private (SPP) is a private hospital located on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, offering patients a peaceful oceanside haven in which to begin their journey of recovery from addictions and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.


The range of Inpatient and Day Programs at South Pacific Private are supported and facilitated by a team of expert, experienced and caring staff who include psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, therapists and counsellors trained in a diverse range of therapeutic modalities.


The facility has a staff of 120 people in total, and is open 365 days of the year. They also provide 24/7 telephone access to qualified health professionals and to anyone who calls to enquire about services or treatment or who is looking for support.

The Challenge:


Naomi Coleman and Jill Farrell are two very busy professionals who are responsible for the payroll and HR function at South Pacific Private Hospital.


Previous to their implementation of Employment Hero, the payroll process at South Pacific Private required manual data entry which was a time-consuming task for the team. As a result, the monthly Payroll process could take up to 3 days to complete as Naomi was required to compile this information from numerous staff data sheets. Once finalised and double-checked, the payslips were also manual and paper-based. At this stage they were printed and distributed by hand to each Department Manager. The team saw room for improvement and were excited at the prospect of streamlining this fortnightly requirement.


On boarding staff was an additional paper-based process.  As South Pacific Private is a psychiatric facility, it is very important that Naomi ensures clinical staff compliance with the relevant qualifications. However, in order to do so accurately Naomi had to cross check and track all staff members across a series of spreadsheets. As per the payroll, this was a time-consuming task.


Finally, once a decision was made to integrate Employment Hero into the systems at the hospital, Naomi was also to play a key role in its implementation as well as the education and training of staff required to use it. Naomi rose to the challenge and worked hard to ensure that staff working in this 24/7 facility were able to quickly use, understand and rely on the capabilities and support that Employment Hero offers.

The Solution:


Employment Hero was chosen as a solution by the hospital due to its ability to be tailored to their specific needs. The hospital has a large number of staff working on shift and a wide variety of shifts with different clinical experience. There are also many full time non-clinical staff with their own differing requirements of the system.  South pacific Private needed a platform that could easily reflect its Enterprise Agreements and adapt to its particular needs.


The face that Employment Hero was not merely a payroll system, but also a system that could cater to a wide variety of HR needs, was an important factor in their decision.   Employment Hero was well equipped to handle the rigorous on boarding procedures, while also making the process faster and simpler for all users and management staff.

Naomi Coleman

HR & Payroll

“it has cut our payroll down by a third. We no longer have to input data from individual timesheets and this has placed the ownership on the Department Managers and employee.”

The Result:

Since the implementing Employment Hero, processing the payroll take much less time, “it has cut our payroll down by a third” said Naomi recently. “We no longer have to input data from individual timesheets and this has placed the ownership on the Department Managers and employees’ shoulders enabling the HR function to engage in meaningful support activities and to have more time to invest in the staff and managers overall.”

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