Resonate Solutions gives top marks to Employment Hero’s customer experience

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  • Resonate Solutions switched from a paper-based onboarding process which took 3-4 days, to a simple, paperless process taking only 30 mins.
  • Syncing Employment Hero with Xero, Resonate Solutions now has integrated HR and payroll systems.
  • Easy implementation process made the transition from paper to paperless a breeze.
  • New starters now enjoy more engaging and productive first days.

Big win from using Employment Hero:

Resonate Solutions had a flawless implementation moving on to Employment Hero.  Instead of manually scanning and signing documents, Resonate now has a streamlined, all-in-one HR platform which seamlessly integrates with their Payroll system. This has led to happier new starters, a more compliant process and a huge reduction in administration.

Daniela Delinavelli

Employee Experience Coordinator, Resonate Solutions

“For new starters, it also means their first day is far more engaging and used more productively. So rather than having a stack of paperwork to complete, they now spend time learning about our business and what makes us tick.”

Established in 2001, Resonate Solutions is a customer engagement consulting firm based in Sydney. The company helps large organisations here in Australia and overseas, place their customers at the centre of everything.

To do this, Resonate employees a team of 33 engineers, business analysts, business development executives and customer service professionals. Together, they develop and deliver highly strategic customer experience management solutions that capture and analyse the voice of the customer and turn it into actionable insights.

When Daniela Delinavelli, Employee Experience Coordinator, came onboard at the tech firm, one of her first priorities was to automate aspects of the company’s HR systems.

Automate manual HR processes

“Our HR processes were all very manual,” says Delinavelli. “Everything was on paper which required a lot of double-handling. And while these processes worked reasonably well, they did consume a huge amount of time.

“Take onboarding as an example,” explains Delinavelli.  “Once we were ready to make a formal offer, I had to key in the details into a template document. Print out that document, have the appropriate manager review the contract and then give it to our CEO for signature.

“Once our CEO has signed it, I’d then have to scan it, email it to the candidate for their signature. They’d then have to print it out, sign the employment agreement, scan it, and email it back to me. Sometimes, people didn’t have printers or scanners accessible to them, so we couldn’t guarantee a fast turnaround.  In fact, this process could take up to three or four days, depending on the candidate’s access to technology.

“When we received the contract back from them, I’d scan it and email it to payroll, where our payroll manager would open an employee file. When the person started, they’d spend quite some time on their first day filling out HR paperwork. This included everything from their tax declaration form, superannuation choice form, and their bank account details, address details, and emergency contact details, and so on. This paperwork would be actioned and sent to payroll to be filed away in the employee’s file.

“This process certainly got the job done, and ensured we were compliant, but it didn’t scale very well,” adds Delinavelli. “As we started to grow rapidly, I had to find an automated solution.”

Cloud-HR vendors for SMEs

As a first step in systematising and automating Resonate’s HR processes, Delinavelli started to research cloud-based HR software solutions for small businesses.

She quickly discovered that she was spoilt for choice. Realising she needed to zero in on specific functionality, Delinavelli drew up a wish list of non-negotiable functionality requirements, along with some features that she considered nice to have. She used this checklist to weed out the large number of different systems and budget options.

Functionality checklist

The following features/functionality topped Delinavelli’s non-negotiable wish list:

  • Employee database with automated workflow
  • Online and accessible 24/7
  • Employee self-service functionality
  • Up-to-date HR documents, templates, and HR policies
  • Automated annual leave requests
  • Automated onboarding
  • Integration with Xero payroll
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Australia-based

Next, she compiled a list of cloud HR systems that seemed to meet these requirements, and asked industry peers for any firsthand feedback on them, before contacting the companies to request software demonstrations.

After this exhaustive process, Delinavelli was down to a shortlist of two. And here, Employment Hero’s exemplary customer service won through.  “Employment Hero’s customer service was simply excellent,” recalls Delinavelli. “They really helped me understand how everything worked, and why I needed certain functionality for compliance reasons. They were always quick to respond and clarify any queries I raised.”


Flawless implementation

“As we didn’t have legacy HR technology, we could have chosen to implement Employment Hero ourselves. But, it’s so important to set up the technology correctly from the get-go to save on problems down the track. And because of the integration requirements with our Xero payroll system, I felt more comfortable opting to have the Employment Hero implement the solution for us.

“From our payroll manager’s point of view, it was absolutely vital that the integration did not interrupt or interfere with our payroll system in any way. It was so important that she retained full control of payroll both during the implementation and once it was complete.

“The implementation team was exceptional,” says Delinavelli. “From my point of view, the whole process couldn’t have been easier. All I had to do was hand over a couple of files generated from our Xero platform, and they did the rest.

“I simply reviewed each stage before the implementation team progressed to the next. Communication was excellent throughout and everything worked like clockwork. Our Xero payroll and Employment Hero HR solution are truly in synch.”

Favourite features

Since Resonate switched their HR systems from manual, paper-based processes to fully systematised and automated HR services on Employment Hero, Delinavelli has seen some big changes.

Onboarding process down from 3-4 days to 30 minutes

“The difference to our onboarding procedure has been astounding,” comments Delinavelli. “Streamlining this process and enabling our employees to do all this paperwork online, at their own pace, saves so much time.

“For my part, I simply onboard a candidate in the system by filling in the specific details, which are signed off by the appropriate manager. Then I send an email to the candidate with links to their employment contract and other onboarding documents. They complete their details and send it back. Usually, it’s all turned around in less than 30 minutes. In fact, my involvement is down to three or four minutes’ maximum.

“For new starters, it also means their first day is far more engaging and used more productively. So rather than having a stack of paperwork to complete, they now spend time learning about our business and what makes us tick.

“Of course, everyone loves the employee self-service functionality which automates the leave request and approval process. Now, staff can request annual leave online, and managers can see at a glance who else has approved time off and when, before they sign off on it.”


Transition highlight

“We couldn’t be happier with our new HR system,” says Delinavelli. “And with more of my time freed up from manual HR tasks, I’m exploring other Employment Hero functionality. For instance, we’ve just completed our first probation period reviews with Employment Hero which worked really well, and we hope to bring other functionality online in the not too distant future.
“Looking back on our transition to Employment Hero, I have to say that the work of the implementation team was a major highlight. Their customer service ethos is simply fantastic.
“When it came down to a choice of two vendors, it was Employment Hero’s customer service excellence that truly set them apart.”

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