Lowered staff turnover and streamlined rostering for YCSS

The Organisation:


Youth, Child and Family Intervention Service (YCSS) helps families and young people with complex support needs, providing specialist residential care and early intervention services.


With YCSS’ help, young people who are in the care of the Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services get a positive home environment within a residential setting and the kind of family support that helps prevent these children from entering the care system.

The Challenge:


Alicia Hurley, the Human Resource Officer at YCSS, is responsible for keeping these residences resourced with highly qualified, competent staff – a huge mission.

The sensitive nature of their work requires that staff qualifications are all current and that the organisation is therefore compliant. Additional to this, all 50 of her staff are casual workers, so daily rostering is almost a full-time job in itself.


Alicia ran a tight ship – through time-consuming, stressful spreadsheet wrangling. YCSS had a separate register for everything from driver’s licences to screening checks – and she would perform weekly analysis to check for expirations, and any changes in the rostering system was an administrative quagmire.


Alicia quickly realised that she was spending all of her time just staying on top of this admin, and no time supporting her staff. As a result, she started losing strong staff members. Something had to be done.

The Solution:


Once it became clear that an HR solution was required, the organisation set about comparing products on the market to find the best fit.


“Employment Hero was easily the frontrunner, because of its powerful rostering capability and the fact that it was a cloud solution, making it affordable to implement. It also looked easy to use and ticked all of the Australian compliance boxes for us too,” explained Alicia.


The system didn’t disappoint.


“Getting set up and onboarded was as easy as it looked. Support was available, but I actually didn’t need it. It was very straightforward because the tool actually steps you through, prompting you to get done what you need,” says Alicia.


With Employment Hero, YCSS was able to leave the administrative tasks around compliance and rostering to the system. Now, Alicia simply has to do a monthly (not daily) search for staff compliance – and because she gets regular notifications, she can spot and action any gaps very quickly, and directly from the system. Staff members can log into the system to action their tasks too.


The smart rostering function also allows YCSS to assign skills and show availability of all staff, so that the system can recommend the right people for each shift.

Alicia Hurley

Human Resource Officer

“Employment Hero has taken a 3-day rostering job down to 2 hours.”

The Result:

The management team can now quickly see who’s working, and staff can go onto rosters, input their availability and view their allocations. This has also significantly reduced the time Alicia spends on fielding staff requests and questions.

As a result, Alicia’s time is now reinvested in activities that add more value to the business, including staff induction, on-boarding and training.

“I spend much more time being proactive when it comes to WH&S. We’ve been able to implement procedures and policies – a major value-add to the business that helps us to guide and look after our staff.”

“We have seen a reduction in turnover since we started supporting staff, because they feel confident and supported. I would estimate a 40% increase in satisfaction from our workers, and a 60% increase in satisfaction from external auditors in the ease of auditing HR files.”

Alicia is very happy with Employment Hero and would recommend it to other organisations that heavily rely on compliance with Australian legislation and rostering a casual workforce.

“I’ve already sung Employment Hero’s praises to a few businesses – I definitely suggest that others look at using it. It’s my favourite program!”

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