Increased flexibility and added confidence for Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital

The Organisation:


Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital (GVH) has been operating from its current premises since 2002 and is a Veterinary Hospital of Excellence.


As well as providing healthcare for small animals, injured wildlife and pocket pets, they also provide puppy obedience classes in the evenings.

The Challenge:


Marié Marx, the Practice Manager at GVH, is responsible for all of the payroll and HR administration, such as recruitment, performance management and rostering, for the 36 staff members in the practice. On top of that, she also takes care of some of the business administration and operational functions. Needless to say, the role keeps her busy!


When she took over the role in June 2017, there was no established HR & Payroll system – timesheets were still being recorded on paper, and Marié would then have to manually calculate the pay according to the penalty rates and input the data into her previous payroll system, a process which was incredibly cumbersome. The payroll alone would take 1.5 days every fortnight. It was simply taking too much of her time.


One of her first tasks, therefore, was to find and set up a more streamlined HR and payroll system.

The Solution:

Marié was already familiar with Employment Hero, having worked with it at her previous role. She made sure to do her due diligence, however, and looked at a number of other systems too.


In the end, though, she decided on Employment Hero, because it integrates with KeyPay (called HeroPay under the Employment Hero banner), a payroll platform she was interested in using, meaning she would only require a single point of contact and pricing arrangement for both platforms.


The fact that Employment Hero was an Australian company was also a big plus for Marié, as it meant she could feel confident the system would be compliant with national employment standards and labour laws.


Marié Marx

Practice Manager

“Now, it takes me three hours to do payroll, rather than one-and-a-half days – and I can do it from anywhere, which is invaluable.”

The Result:


Since implementing Employment Hero, processing the payroll now takes considerably less time,  meaning Marié can invest that time on the other administrative and operational needs of the business. “Now, it takes me three  hours to do payroll, rather than one-and-a-half days – and I can do it from anywhere, which is invaluable,” said Marié.


Employment Hero allows her to work remotely, affording her much more freedom and flexibility than ever before. “Six weeks ago, I did payroll out of a hotel room in Kyoto, Japan. Last week, I did it out of a conference room in Melbourne. So Employment Hero has removed many barriers for me.”


Marié can also perform her role with more confidence, knowing that the system has greatly reduced the possibility of mistakes. “Because we now work with an electronic system, timesheets are uploaded into the system, there’s no human error in putting in correct hours and so forth – you can’t put a value on that.”


She also knows if anything goes wrong, the support team at Employment Hero will be there to help. “I’ve had very positive experiences with the support team; they answer my questions in a very timely fashion, and I’ve never had to follow up on a query.”


So what would she say to other businesses thinking of choosing Employment Hero? “Absolutely just do it, don’t waste time.”

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