An HR solution that scales with the business for Aquabliss

The Organisation:


Aquabliss School of Swim is a swimming school that runs in a number of locations primarily in Sydney’s North and North West. With highly qualified instructors trained in water safety and first aid, Aquabliss are dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment for children and adults to learn how to swim.


They are accredited and endorsed by leading swim and aquatic bodies in Australia and have produced elite athletes that have competed in National, Commonwealth, and Olympic games.

The Challenge:


Shannon Palmer, the Payroll Manager at Aquabliss, is responsible for managing the payroll for over 200 employees. They operate on a fortnightly pay run, with permanent and casual payrolls being processed on alternate weeks – this means Shannon is doing a pay run every single week, with all the administration and back and forth that that entails.


Even though Aquabliss had payroll software, employees were still using paper timesheets, meaning managers were spending hours every week entering their employees’ hours into a spreadsheet, which Shannon would then have to input into the software. She would then have to verify all the information was correct with the managers before processing the payments. This data-intensive, laborious process would take two full days to complete – assuming managers were able to get their data to her in time and there were no errors.


Shannon is also responsible for handling the employees’ contracts and qualifications, dealing with expirations and renewals, and ensuring the employees meet the requirements for their positions – an important role, as safety is one of Aquabliss’s highest priorities. This was yet another time-consuming process, as Shannon would have to spend 30 minutes per employee uploading files to an additional database that was separate from the payroll software. The paperwork connected to this process was also burdensome – they were literally running out of room to store it all.


With Aquabliss looking to expand, these problems were only going to get worse. “The problem was more the manual process – the time spent. Long term, it just wasn’t sustainable running that way,” explained Shannon.

The Solution:


They decided to look for a new HR solution. It seemed Employment Hero was the clear choice right from the start.


After doing their research, Aquabliss was convinced it was the solution for them. The decision was made to implement both the HR and Payroll platforms. Shannon expressed that the seamless integration between the two platforms is her guarantee that data entry errors are a thing of the past. “It took away all those manual processes and all the paper – which was massive – and put a lot of the responsibility back on the employees. Now, they’re able to self-document. It gives them a more proactive approach to their employment,” said Shannon.


Shannon was also pleasantly surprised by how smooth the onboarding process was. “We were allocated one person from the implementation team. I liked that we had one point of contact, which was really helpful because we could email or call her, and she was always available, always happy to help, no matter what time of day it was.”


Getting used to the new system was also much simpler than expected. “Everyone picked it up quite easily – it’s pretty intuitive, it’s not difficult.”


After 2–3 weeks, Shannon herself felt completely comfortable with the new solution. With the old system, there was minimal online support, so Shannon used to have to contact them directly in order to solve an issue. But with Employment Hero, Shannon found she could solve 80% of the problems herself using Employment Hero’s support resources.


“I find the knowledge base articles are amazing, they’re really thorough. One article leads you onto the next one and I just get lost in them out of interest. I don’t call support nearly as much as I expected,” said Shannon.

Shannon Palmer

Payroll Manager

“It has been a huge time saver for everyone.”

The Result:

The biggest impact Employment Hero has had is time saving. Now, a pay run takes Shannon half the time it used to, and the time she spent scanning, uploading and filing contracts and qualifications has been virtually eliminated. Everything is done via email and stored in the cloud.


But it’s not just Shannon who has benefitted. “It’s saved not just my time but the managers’ time as well – they’re busy running a centre, they’ve got a lot on their plates day-to-day without having to manually process timesheets, so it has been a huge efficiency gain for everyone.”


Now, Aquabliss’s employees have more time to invest back into the company, allowing Aquabliss to scale and grow as a business.


Needless to say, Shannon is thrilled with the results. “I’d definitely recommend Employment Hero. It’s proved to be an ideal solution for us and a very positive experience.”

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