Rostering Software

Staff rostering system in the cloud

For too many small business owners and managers, rostering and employee scheduling means one thing: painful spreadsheets. Yet purpose-built rostering software in the cloud is more affordable than ever and makes employee schedule almost effortless.

Rostering systems not only eliminate the pain of managing rosters with spreadsheets, they also save you time, and money. This software can also significantly improve your business efficiency, reduce administration costs and even improve your employees’ productivity.


No more guesswork

Increasingly sophisticated, purpose-built cloud-based employee scheduling systems can deliver major efficiency gains to any small business owner. But particularly those who manage hourly-paid workers.

Some systems also use iris recognition and other biometric tools that eliminate the incidence of ‘buddy punching’ – the practice of one employee clocking in on behalf of another who’s running late or is absent.


Scheduling module

The centrepiece of rostering software is the scheduling functionality, which can be configured to look like a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar. Empty cells on the grid represent hours of the day which you populate when you assign shifts.


Better communication

A cloud-based employee scheduling system can also act as a communication platform. Both employers and employees can alert each other to unplanned or unexpected events. For instance, an employee can notify an employer that they are running late or are calling in sick, while the employer can alert other staff that urgent cover is needed for that particular shift.

Cloud-based rostering systems also reduce the risk of human error that is commonplace when using manual systems such as Google Docs or Microsoft Excel. By cutting down on inaccuracies or inefficiencies in scheduling, you minimise scheduling errors, such as assigning shifts to employees who are unavailable, or overscheduling one employee at the expense of another.


Better visibility

When your workers have full visibility into their schedules, there’s no confusion over start and finish times. With payroll integration, you’ll face fewer wages queries, not to mention happy employees who are paid correctly and on time, every time.


The benefits of rostering software

  • Makes it easy to set up new schedules.
  • Adapts to last minute shift changes.
  • Makes it easier to comply with Awards and penalty rates.
  • Uses real-time staff availability.
  • Records hours worked with ease.
  • Calculates correct pay.
  • Captures employees’ requests for time off or unavailable time.
  • Monitors daily labour costs.
  • Prevents under and overstaffing. With a cloud-based rostering system you can align your staffing schedules and shift coverage with forecasted customer demand.
  • Maximises shift allocation.  Using data and reporting, you can analyse where changes to shift allocation or the staffing mix may help you to reduce your wages bill.
  • Integrates with payroll for on time, accurate pays.


Using cloud-based rostering software, your employees can see their shifts in advance, Plus, when you set pre-determined capacity level hours, days and weeks in advance, you ensure you don’t inadvertently overbook any individual, or assign overtime when it’s unnecessary.

So instead of manually writing up rosters and making endless updates to accommodate shift change requests from staff, use cloud-based rostering software.

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