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Return to work bundle

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With a return to work fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan your workforce’s return to work. With clear guidelines and policies in place, your staff will feel more supported and confident in being back in the office. We know how stressful managing the logistics of this can be so we’ve leveraged advice from across the business to put together this comprehensive return to work bundle pack. We’ve ensured that the bundle includes the most recent Australian Federal and State advice as well as Work Safe Australia best practices.

There’s also advice on each state and territory to help you wade through the information overload. Download now to unlock access to everything you need to get your head around a return to work event.

What’s included?

  • WHS for COVID-19 return to work
  • How to handle a COVID-19 incident in the workplace
  • Workforce planning and logistics
  • Rapid hiring and onboarding
  • Managing employee engagement
  • Advice for each state and territory
  • Return to work survey template
  • Welcome back letter template
  • Public transport policy
  • Workplace hygiene policy

And much more! Download the Return to Work bundle pack now.

To download the bundle, we just need a few quick details:
To download the bundle, we just need a few quick details:
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